Our Services

1:1 Training (in-person)

In person work is the best way to rapidly enhance technical proficiency and skill with strength training. Dylan approaches sessions with the goal of addressing and correcting movement deficiencies as well as educating his clients as to the reasons behind everything he does. It is important as a lifter to not just know “how” to do something but “why” you are doing it.

Traditional “personal training” seeks to sell a client on the idea of training 2-3 days per week for an indefinite time frame, a concept that Dylan feels misses the true goal of working with a coach. Training sessions should be used as lessons which teach and refine skills along with passing on actionable knowledge to the client. If you are interested in working with a coach who will provide true constructive criticism, technique adjustments, and advice, this is for you.

Initial consultations last two hours as this is necessary to truly dive into technique based work in a variety of movements. Follow up sessions are usually one hour in length and are used as frequently as the client desires. For individuals seeking a two-hour session, Dylan will take as much time as needed to address anything and everything within that session, even if this goes overtime, at no extra charge.

Initial Consult – $220/2 hr session

Follow Up – $100 per hour

Virtual Coaching (VC)

All regular clients of BTS utilize Virtual Coaching as the back-bone of their strength training program. VC places the training plan in the hands of the client with a customized training program shared in four week increments. Clients are asked to send video each week of any movements seeking technical refinement and are promised a 24 hour or less response time from Dylan via text/phone. Technical feedback includes visual and verbal instruction along with demo video depending on the needs of the individual.

Dylan believes in offering a truly personal coaching approach that builds a strong coach-client relationship through frequent and open communication.

$190 per four weeks

Game Day Coaching

As a Powerlifter, the most important thing is a flawless, 9 for 9, PR performance on game day. This is what you have trained for over the course of months and even years. Put yourself in the hands of someone you can trust to take care of everything on Meet day so that you can simply focus on executing lifts.

With coaching experience ranging from local to international level competition, Dylan will ensure success at your powerlifting meet by taking care of everything for you. If you want to maximize your success on meet day, take the guesswork out of things by hiring a coach.


  • Attempt selection (includes personalized attempt spreadsheet)
  • Assistance with making weight via weight manipulation for 2hr and 24hr weigh-ins (if needed)
  • Time management during competition of warm-ups, food/fluid, attempts, etc
  • Load/unload all weights for the lifter

Sit back, throw your headphones on, and let Dylan go to work for you so that you can focus on what matters: Making attempts!

$150 per day (per person)