About Dylan

“Dylan found a love for strength training at the age of 14 and spent his teenage years reading and applying every bit of information he possible could on the subject. Unfortunately, Dylan sustained a spinal injury due to improper coaching and had spinal surgery in 2007. Following surgery, Dylan began his quest toward full recovery including physical therapy and learning how to move properly. After graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology, Dylan embarked on a career as a Personal Trainer and taught professionally for the National Personal Training Institute.”

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  • review rating 5  Dylan is truly an amazing trainer. Dylan Provides Great communication and fast feedback. I would recommend him to anyone newbie or not. His expertise and knowledge makes you feel so much more confident and comfortable. Like

    thumb natalie benitez

    review rating 5  Dylan shows a tremendous amount of knowledge and attention to detail for the technical aspect of strength training. Very personable but will tell you what you need to hear in order to improve, which is sometimes hard to find. Works with anywhere from beginner to advanced lifters. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a coach.

    thumb Ethan Dew

    review rating 5  Did a one on one session with Dylan to determine why I was having some movement pattern problems. He really took the time to breakdown all of the issues I was having when performing the three main disciplines of power-lifting. His attention to detail and through feedback has helped put me back on the road to moving in a much more efficient manner in the squat, bench, and dead-lift.

    thumb Luke S
  • review rating 5  I met Dylan at a USAPL coaching certification that he was assisting with at his home gym in Manassas, VA. I was impressed with his knowledge and the fact that Matt Gary recommend him as a coach. I hired Dylan for Virtual Coaching about three months ago and have never felt more challenged... in all of the best ways! Dylan has made a point to be extremely specific about what he's looking for in the technique of my lifts and has really held me to a high standard of execution. His programming is very specific to the areas that I need the most work - this is NOT a one-size fits all program. Over the past three months Dylan has made significant adaptations to all three of my lifts - all of which I had previously been plateaued in for quite some time. As a strength athlete and a personal trainer myself, I am extremely pleased with my decision to hire Big Three Strength for Virtual Coaching.

    thumb Ilona Price

    review rating 5  I signed up for both 1:1 and meet day coaching with Dylan. While it’s ideal to have in-person coaching, I constantly received detailed, constructive feedback when sending videos of my lifts to him. Whether I was coached in person or virtually, Dylan aimed to make sure everything moved properly, and my lifts have felt better (read: pain-free) because he hones in on technique. I am very excited to compete for my first time in two days, and it’s comforting knowing he will be there to coach me. Have a session with him. You’ll learn a lot 🙂

    thumb Hannah P

    review rating 5  Dylan is great! I’m a newbie to lifting and I have not once felt like I’ve been talked down to. You can tell he knows his stuff. No cookie cutter programs; if you have an issue he’ll fix things for you. He offers good feedback and his response times are awesome.

    thumb Christine D.